Oral Cancer


Due to recent advances in medicine and computer science, our dentists can now painlessly prevent a disease that kills many Americans. Well over 25% of those found to have oral cancer do not use tobacco or abuse alcohol. Recent studies have also shown a link between HPV and an increase in oral cancer.

During a careful professional examination most people will be found to have one or more tiny white or red spots in their mouth at one time or another. These spots usually do not contain any unhealthy cells, but one laboratory testing, like the BrushTest, can tell.

The OralCDx BrushTest is a painless method of testing everyday tiny oral spots. A small brush is used to quickly collect a sample for computer-assisted laboratory analysis.

If a spot is found by OralCDx to contain unhealthy cells (known as dysplasia), it typically takes years before those cells can penetrate the basement membrame and cause any harm. During this time, the spot can be removed, long before oral cancer can start.

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